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According to the Harvard Business Review, 84% of employees are unhappy with their jobs. Gallup found similar statistics when they measured 87% of employees worldwide aren't engaged. An unhappy workforce is a lose-lose proposition, both for the employees and the employers. The solution is two-fold and they go hand in hand.

Satisfaction and engagement, a shared responsibility

Employees blaming managers. Managers blaming employees. It takes two to tango and the solution to the timeless debate points to two sides of the same coin. The employee and manager duality requires a different solution for each symptomCareer Coaching connects people with the right careers and organizations. Leadership Development facilitates growth, engages teams and drives performance. The right people in the right jobs working in unison towards to achievement of the organizational vision. 

Career Coaching

Find the Right Career

   Career selection strategy

   Strengths exploration

   Interests discovery

   Values assessments

   Career selection guides

Land a Better Job

   Custom job search action plans

   Networking strategy

   Elevator pitch creation

   Interview preparation

   Negotiation strategy

Leadership Development

Leadership Coaching

   Leadership assessment

   Personalized development plans

   Employee-manager alignment

   Organizational vision alignment 

   Coach's HR progress reports

Training & Development

✪   Competency assessments

   Positive working relationships

   Effective communication skills

   Leadership coaching fundamentals

   Custom workshops and keynotes

Welcome to a better life at work

Hi, I'm Garen, Certified Coach and Accredited Leadership Development Trainer recognized by the Government of Quebec and of Canada. The title suggests I'm an expert strategist in improving life at work. Above all, I'm just a guy who loves what he does and wants the same for you.


I believe that everyone deserves to be happy at work. That success is a choice we get to make. That great leaders are developed, not born. That happy people are more productive, creative, engaged and successful. I believe that a better life at work is absolutely achievable for you. And it's one great conversation away.

Partners & Clients

Partnerships at the heart of success

Success is a team sport and the culture of coaching is at the core of that concept. The common goal is to create powerful collaborations, increasing self-awareness, growth and improving the workplace for both the individual and the organization. Together, we help shape our business culture for a prosperous future, one great conversation at a time.


Real people. Real results.

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