The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. 

~ Mark Twain ~

Career Coaching

New career. New job. Same process.


Why do we care so much about our careers? And why is it that when we meet new people, the first question they ask is "So, what do you do?" No one seems to ask better questions like: If you could do anything and knew you couldn't fail, what would you do? What makes you feel alive? When do you feel like you're living out your purpose? 


Nope. All they ask you is: So, what do you do?


Our careers are part of our identity. It's how we express our strengths, abilities, competencies, passions, interests, values and preferences. We've come to expect so much from our working lives. What we do to earn an income must somehow also provide a deep sense of satisfaction and ideally, great success.


No pressure, right!


So how do we put this daunting puzzle together? How do we find the elusive sense of purpose and accomplishment? Luckily for you, I've spent most of my life trying to answer that question so you don't have to. And the good news is that it's a lot easier to solve that you think. 


The only question you truly need to be asking yourself is: What's the price I'm willing to pay for what I want? Contrary to what you think, money is rarely what stops us from getting what we want. The real barrier is internal. It's time, energy and overcoming fears. The biggest blocker of success? The fear of failure.


That's where a coach comes in. We're here to partner up with you, provide you with the tools, clarity and motivation you need to take a step forward. It's not about doing something you're afraid of doing. It's about gaining self-awareness and making well-informed, conscious, calculated decisions to eliminate any chance of regret down the line. Read on to find out how we go about doing that.

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Finding the path forward

Making difficult decisions easy

The Paradox of Choice states that the more options we have, the less likely we are to be satisfied with our choice. Career selection is the perfect example of this phenomenon. There is a near unlimited array of options out there. So how do we decide which career path to choose?


Career coaching helps reduce the clutter by focusing on and identifying the criteria that are most important to you. Your talents, passions and values are front and center. Help me help you live a professional life driven by your natural powers, passions and a deep sense of purpose. 

Career Clarity Program

For those looking for answers

This program is designed to help you determine a new career path or to identify problem spots in your current career. You may be just starting out or a seasoned professional ready for change and development.


The Career Clarity program will help you unearth your strengths, interests and values; the core elements that contribute to career success and satisfaction. It will also help to reduce the abundance of choice into a focused short-list, providing concrete direction and clarity to your professional life.

   Identifying career and life objectives to set the vision

   Discovering powers, passions and values for a purposeful path

   Taking a full inventory of your world: past, present and future

   Aligning the key elements to discover your sweet spot

   Career assessments and psychometrics to provide a scientific approach

   Decision making through structured, analytical methodology

Career Transition Program

For those in search for a better job

This program is designed to help you create a job search strategy and to help you prepare for the next steps in your career transition. Ideal for those who already have a direction in mind but need support in job search strategy, branding and preparation.


The Career Transition Program will help you realign your strengths, interests and values with your career. Additionally, it will provide you with a clear structure and strategy for your job search and networking. Lastly, it will prepare you for the interview and negotiation process to ensure you come out on top.

   Identifying career and life objectives to set the vision

   Reviewing the past to recreate positive experiences moving forward

   Devising job search and networking strategy to access hidden markets

   Creating a powerful elevator pitch to compel them to hire you

   Sharpening your interviewing skills for clear, confident content delivery

   Preparing for a negotiation that will get you what you deserve