The two most important days in your life

are the day you are born and the day you find out why. 

~ Mark Twain ~

Career Coaching

Connecting people with jobs they love

When it comes to our professional lives, one question drones in the back of all our minds: What am I doing with my life?  


It starts when we're young and often comes back to haunt us as we age into adulthood and eventually into retirement. As time marches on, new values emerge. We may look for professional growth, a better boss, better hours, more pay, more exciting or more meaningful work. You may have even reached the point where money is no longer a key driver and instead, it's about community, contribution and leaving legacy.


All pieces to the same puzzle. A puzzle that sometimes seems too daunting to solve. There is a clear structure to it. Let me show you how it all fits together.

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Find the Right Career

The Paradox of Choice states that the more options we have, the less likely we are to be satisfied with our choice. Career selection is the perfect example of this phenomenon. There is a near unlimited array of options out there. So how do we decide which career path to choose?


Career coaching helps reduce the clutter by focusing on and identifying the criteria that are most important to you. Your talents, passions and values are front and center. Help me help you live a professional life driven by your natural powers, passions and a deep sense of purpose. 

Career Identification

   Career selection strategy

   Strengths exploration

   Professional interests discovery

   Lifestyle preferences

   Vocational values

   Career selection criteria

Professional Rebranding

Perception is everything. Competence and experience are nothing without proper representation. That's why now, more than ever, it's important to take your branding seriously. 


Our team of writers can provide you with a professional resume, custom cover letters and LinkedIn profile revamps. Whether you're looking for entry level or executive, we've got you covered.

Revamp Your Brand

   Professional resume drafting

   Cover letter customization

   LinkedIn profile optimization

   Recruiter's direct feedback

Land a Better Job

How happy are you with your current job? Are you paid enough? Challenged enough? Learning and growing enough? Do you like the people you work with? These questions may be pointing to some pain points for you and if so, it may be time to make some decisions that can benefit your long-term wellness and professional development. 


Career Coaching helps you identify your core career drivers and align you with the right path. We'll tap into your networks, establish a clear plan, work on interview preparation and create a job search strategy that will get you exactly what you want - a better job.

Job Search Support

   Custom job search action plans

   Networking strategy

   Elevator pitch creation

   Interview preparation

   Negotiation strategy

Career Coaching Helps

Understanding yourself

We're all born with a set of natural abilities as well as things that turn us on and finally, things we think are more important than others. In short, Powers, Passions and Values. Properly exploring and identifying these elements is the difference between working a job you don't like versus finding your vocation and living a life where work is synonymous with satisfaction and self-actualization.

Identifying what you want

Once you gain deeper awareness of yourself, your abilities and your drivers, it's time to use this information to filter out the noise. It's time to find out what you want and why you want it. The key to this step is to eliminate anything and everything that doesn't align with your identity, reducing your choices down to a manageable shortlist. Something you can easily grasp and work with. 

Creating a strategy for success

Know what you want is one thing. Taken bold action is another. Fear is the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals. A concrete action plan with small, easily achievable objectives is the best way to gain momentum, build confidence and see real results over time. Coaching narrows down the focus so that nothings stops you from getting what you want - a job you love.

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