Garen Jemian

Meet your coach

My title and background might suggest that I'm an expert strategist for professional success and satisfaction. Mostly, I'm a guy who loves what he does and wants the same for you.


I believe that we're all in search for meaning and that one of the most important things we can do is maximize our full potential both personally and professionally.


I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy and be great at what they do.


I believe that happy people are more productive, creative, engaged and successful. 


That great leaders are developed, not born. And that a great leader is one who develops more leaders by providing them with the guidance, support, opportunities and the resources to succeed.


I believe that a better life at work is absolutely achievable for you. And it's one great conversation away.


I also believe that a sales pitch without proof of concept is worthless. I invite you to read some testimonials and client reviews.


Looking forward to working with you!


Career Coach and Senior Leadership Development Consultant accredited by both the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada.  Closing speaker of TEDx Concordia 2017 “Motivation Beyond Money” and Author of “Happy People Work Harder.” 


Garen’s primary focus and mission is to improve life at work. Developing leadership competencies, engaging the workforce and driving performance, Garen leverages his background in business management with his coaching expertise to bring the absolute best out of his clients.


Garen's background is highlighted by more than 15 years in entrepreneurship, business startups and management. He’s worked as an employee, as a manager and as an employer, so he has the varied experience to help clients through different lenses. This wide perspective along with deep listening skills and empathy allows Garen to collaborate with clients to drive results and success.

Professional Snapshot

  • 20 years in business development, management and operations
  • 15 years in employee training and development
  • 1500+ hours of client coaching, training and development
  • 300+ hours of public speaking engagements
  • Accredited Leadership Development Consultant - Government of Quebec (CPMT)
  • Accredited Senior Leadership Development Consultant - Government of Canada
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - International Coach Federation (pending accreditation 2020) 
  • Certified Professional Coach - ICF-approved ACTP program
  • Certified DYNAMIX Team Performance Facilitator
  • Certified EQi 2.0 Practitioner (pending completion 2020)
  • Author of "Happy People Work Harder"
  • Closing Speaker TEDx2017 - "Motivation Beyond Money"
  • Creator of JoyIndex - Employee Engagement Metrics