Happy People Work Harder

Get the only book that is NOT a #1 New York Times Best Seller!

This book was inspired by and written for my clients; past, present and future. Every coaching session reaps incredible rewards, not just for the leaders but for myself as well.


Learning is a foundational part of growing. Within each session hide great lessons and takeaways. All of us, guinea pigs for the greater good of leadership and the evolution of employment. 


Happy People Work Harder is a collage of concepts covered in leadership coaching and development. It's essentially a cheat sheet for my clients who don't take notes in session!


Leaders who want a glimpse into the world of coaching in the workplace can benefit from this short, fluff-less read.


Whether it's the Law of Human Motivation, Fulfillment in Life or at Work, the GPS Coaching Method or the Nine Conditions for Success, Happy People Work Harder is presented in a simple, effective way.


This book has one purpose in mind: creating the awareness that happiness and engagement in the workplace is potentially the most underestimated and under appreciated intangible metric in the corporate world. Once you can agree to that fact, the rest of the content is about providing tools and insight into how a leader can inspire positive change in the workplace.


The concepts you'll find in this book have helped each and every one of my clients achieve their goals. I'm absolutely certain that, if applied correctly, they can do the same for you.


What an honour it was to share the stage with such inspiring people, not to mention the legendary Lieutenant-General The Honourable Roméo Antonius Dallaire.


My speech, Motivation Beyond Money, underlines the current transition period we're experiencing. Moving from thousands of years of carrot and stick methods of management to a new, humanized approach of intrinsic motivation in the workplace.


The result: highly engaged, loyal, creative and yes, happy people working harder than ever. Not because they have to, but because they want to.